'Intervention unacceptable'

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'Intervention unacceptable'

Post  LeeRain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:18 am

The Kremlin recently blocked condemnation of Syria in the UN Security Council, and has also criticised Saturday's Arab League's decision to suspend Syria's membership in the regional organisation.

After the talks in Moscow, Mr Ghalioun said: "We were unable to change the position of the Russian government, and they also could not change our position."
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Growing foreign pressure

* 10 June: Turkish PM condemns the "savagery" of the response to the unrest
* 19 July: Qatar closes its embassy in Damascus after an attack by Assad loyalists
* 8 August: Saudi Arabia condemns crackdown and recalls its envoy in Damascus
* 10 August: US imposes new sanctions on Syrian telecom companies and banks
* 18 August: US, UK, Germany and France call on President Assad to step down; US imposes full ban on oil imports
* 12 November: Arab League suspends Syria from the organisation
* 14 November: Jordanian king openly urges Mr Assad to go; EU tightens sanctions

The Paris-based SNC chairman also revealed he had told the meeting that President Assad's regime felt protected by the Russian government.

He stressed that the opposition would not talk to the president or his family, whom he accused of being responsible for the continuing bloodshed in Syria.

The SNC, a coalition of seven Syrian opposition factions, formed last month with the aim of offering a credible alternative to Mr Assad's regime.

At Tuesday's talks, the Russians restated Moscow's firm position that a dialogue between the coalition and the Syrian government was vital to end the violence.

In a statement, the Russian foreign ministry also said that any outside military intervention was "unacceptable".

Syria has described its suspension from the Arab League as an illegal move, vowing to overcome "conspiracies" against Damascus.

Adding to international pressure on Damascus, Jordan's King Abdullah on Monday became the first Arab leader to openly urge Mr Assad to step down.

And on Tuesday, Turkey announced that it was suspending joint oil exploration with Syria, as relations between the two neighbours strained further over the crackdown.

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