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The reason I'm called Renesmee Black is because (SPOILERS!) Jacob imprinted on Renesmee (Edward and Bella's daughter).

I've been a Twilight fan for a few years now. Before Twilight I was mostly into Doctor Who and Star Wars (Fail me :3) I still like them a bit but Twilight is my fave now Smile. I am team Jacob and will NEVER change my mind. When I first watched Twilight I was team Edward. Then all of a sudden I was team Jasper and then I realized that the character I really loved most was Jacob. I seriously hated Bella (and Kristen Stewart) when she dumped Jacob. I had a dream once :3 javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed') I had finally med Jacob and started going out with him. javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed')javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed')javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed')javascript:emoticonp('Embarassed')
Other stuff about me:
My actual name is Kayleigh :3
My fave colour is baby blue.
My fave singer is Avril Lavigne <3.
Fave hobbies: Writing stories, reading Twilight, playing PC games and watching movies.
Other vampire films/shows I have seen/going to see: The lost boys, Fright Night (2011), Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Wilhelmina) and vampires of venice in Dr who.
Fave band: Paramore (For their Twilight music and Brick by Boring Brick).
Fave food: Lamb Stew
Fave game: Sims 2
Fave game commentators: The Yogscast (DIGGY DIGGY HOLE!)
Scared of: The scissorman from clocktower xD.
That's it really Smile.
Renesmee Black

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