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What would you do if you left your best friend behind, the one you loved more than anyone, and you came back years later, with your fiancée and found you still loved him, what would you do?

Chapter 1: News

Name: Adelia Tansworthy
Age: 12
Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, playing music, drawing and playing soccer
Live: LaPush, Washington
Look: Brown hair, green eyes, paleish skin
Best friend: Seth Clearwater
Their age: 12
Their hobbies: Hanging out, smiling.
They live: LaPush, Washington
Look: Black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin

I wrote in my new journal my mum bought me when she told me we were moving, I had cried all night. I closed it putting it in my school bag as I sniffed. I zipped it up and put it on. I started walking to school thinking how I was going to tell Seth that I was leaving, I mean I love him...and last night I also figured out I loved my best friend in more than the best friend way...I loved him fully, completely wanted him as my boyfriend. Seth was the most gorgeous guy in school every girl had asked him out except me and now it was too late, he had excepted one, a girl called Lizzy, who I knew only wanted to go out with him because then she would become more popular, but he didn’t know that and I was too scared to tell him in case he thought I was lying to him.

I walked to school, crossing the road and walked down the street. I went into school and sat on a bench waiting for him. He entered and waved to me, I waved back smiling. Suddenly Lizzy turned up beside him and started snogging him. My heart ripped and I got up running to my locker. I put my journal in and some things I didn’t need. A boy walked up to me, I was pretty sure his name was Jake and he was 14, he was friends with Seth. “Hey Adelia” He said smiling

“Hey Jake” I said grinning.

“Uh, Adelia, I was wondering if you m-might go to the dance with m-me?” he asked shyly. The dance was two days before we left so I was allowed to go, I hadn’t really considered it because I didn’t think anyone would ask me.

“Um, sure Jake” I said smiling. I leaned gently in and kissed his cheek, he blushed.

“That’s great!” He said “I’ll see you at lunch?” I nodded, he waved and I waved shyly back.

“So you and Jake huh?” I heard Seth say behind me, I jumped

I turned to him “Maybe, what’s it to you?” I asked a bit harshly, he looked a bit hurt.

“Well I’m sorry for caring about my best friend!” He snarled and turned and started walking off

“Wait Seth! I need to tell you something!” He didn’t turn “Seth! I’m leaving!” He slowed a bit but still didn’t turn “Seth, I’m leaving LaPush, forever” He stopped dead in his tracks turning to face me.

“W-what do you mean?” He asked walking a little bit more towards me.

“I mean, my family and I are moving to Australia...forever” I said

“Don’t lie to me” he said, but tears were forming in his eyes, he knew I was telling the truth.

“My Pop is sick, and needs attention 24/7 so we’re moving and there dad can get more money as well...”

“My dad will let you borrow some money!” Seth said, fully in tears now “You don’t have to go!” I shook my head at him trying not to cry myself

“Seth, we do...” I said and I couldn’t hold them in any longer, tears started pouring down my cheeks.

“Please don’t leave, you’re my best friend, I need you!” he said

“Seth, I know how you feel, I cried all night for crying out loud! But they won’t change their minds...” I walked towards him and hugged him. “I’m going to miss you, my best friend” I felt his tears in my hair.

“I’ll miss you more Addy” he said using my nickname

“Seffy” I said using his nickname. I stood back and wiped the tears from mine and his face. “We probably look like complete messes” I said laughing a bit trying to lighten the mood. He tried to laugh but it didn’t sound right at all. I saw Lizzy coming up behind him, glaring at me.

“Seffy, we gotta get to class” she whined, I was shocked and mad that he let her use my nickname for him. I looked up at him, mad, sad and hurt mixed in my eyes. I grabbed my bag and ran to my class, luckily we were in separate classes. Class was boring. I was glad when lunch came, but it means that I would have to face Seth which I didn’t want to do. I went straight to the cafeteria, grabbed some food and went and sat next to Jake.

“Hey” I said

“Hey Adelia” He said smiling, he wrapped an arm around me, I giggled and leaned into his chest. Seth sat on the opposite end of the table from us, pain shooting across his face, I ignored it. I ate my lunch slowly.

Finally school finished and I walked home. I went in, “Mum?”

“Yeah” She shouted back from upstairs, I ran up.

“Guess what?!” I asked excited

“Did Seth break up with his girlfriend? Did he ask you to the dance?” She asked, pain flashed across my face, she obviously took that as a no “Oh, I’m so sorry sweetie” she said and hugged me “What is it then?”

“Well, I got asked to the dance. Jake’s taking me” I said

“Come on, let’s get you a dress!” She said excitedly. I laughed and nodded.

After five hours we had not found one single dress...well for me anyway. My mum had bought several dresses for her. I turned my head and saw the perfect dress in a store. I ran over to it. I went in and grabbed it, trying it on. I showed my mum, apparently it made my eyes look softer and show a little blue in them. We bought it and headed for a shoe store. I found these sandal like high heels that matched perfectly and we bought them and headed home.
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