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Hi, um....i’m sorta tryin 2 write a short story(i’ll be drawing pics 2 go with it) it’ll be like IwillBeALycan’s story xcept i know where not “leech lovers” but.....i sorta got inspiration....so its about a vamp, k?

“Eliza?” Elizabeth called. I didn’t want to answer, i didn’t, havn’t felt like Eliza for 17 years, 17 years at 13.

I started reminiscing...My name was Eliza Bellet, I was an A grade student, the nerd, I never cared what other people called me, I wasn’t especially attractive or beautiful, but I wasn’t ugly either. I had olive toned skin, dark brown, wavy hair and big blue eyes. I had 3 sisters and 1 brother, I was the oldest. I was definitely not my father’s pride and joy, that went to my sister Louisa, an A grade student with perfect features from her long legs up to her curly blond hair. I didn’t mind though, I was fine with me that’s was all that mattered.

I started at my high school, Forks high school to be precise and the first day it rained, what a surprise. Forks is one of the rainiest towns in the whole US peninsula. I walked into the office and to my dismay that there were a bunch of seniors lined up with the majority of their younger brothers and sisters, probably their parents doing. I waited patiently and when I got to the desk I told the women my name. She smiled kindly at me and searched through her very neat pile of paper work until she had found the right sheets she gave them to me and told me my year was having an assembly and that they would explain our classes to us there. I quickly thanked her and hurried off to the hall for the assembly. I got there just in time and quickly took a seat next to a shy girl. She smiled at me and I gave a cheerful smile back. “Hi, I’m Angela,” she said
“Hi, I’m Eliza,” I told her, Angela a sweet name for a sweet girl. I smiled and then the principal started talking so we turned toward the front. It seemed like I had just found my first friend in high school. I smiled at the thought.

It seemed that we were in a lot of the same classes together so I was glad. We went to the cafeteria at lunch, at my elementary school I usually sat by myself, but today i sat with Angela and some girls whose names were Jessica, Lauren, Chelsea and Jade.

After school that day I went to Angela’s house, I had already called my mum to tell her I’d be there, she was obviously delighted at the thought of me making a friend so quickly. We did our homework, I helped her with her math and then we played hide and seek with her two little brothers, it was hilarious because they were toddlers they thought that covering their hands over their eyes would make them disappear, we went along with that for quite a while. By the time I looked at the clock it was nearly 6pm.
“Ang, I’ve got to go, see you at school tomorrow,”
“Bye El, see you tomorrow,” the last thing I saw when I left was Angela’s smile.

When I got home I found my dad watching the footy and could smell my mum cooking Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, delicious. I walked in and saw her smiling at me, it was a calm facade but I could see the excitement burning in her eyes. I never really had friends before this, I was on a high and I could see she was enjoying this about as much as I was.

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Post  ♥Kel Bel♥ on Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:20 am

“So El, how’s your new friend?”she asked, she was trying so hard to hide her excitement so i ignored it for her sake.

“Great, she’s really fun and her names Angela. She has two brothers that are the same age as Tommy, I think they’d get on great,” I smiled at her.

She smiled back “We should make a play date sometime then,” she said, something more hinting in her eyes. Now I was confused, I thought the excitement was because I had my first ever friend? Then she asked the most embarrassing question, at least we weren’t at the table eating dinner with everyone there, “Soooo, do you think any of the boys are cute?”

“MUM! I’ve been at school one day and you want to know if I like-like someone! I only just got a friend, I haven’t exactly been looking for a guy!”

“Sorry El,” she mumbled before I headed to my room.

The thing was, I had never seen anyone that way, nobody had ever caught my eye. I don’t see why it’s expected of me to go to school one day and i should of found a crush! It’s unreasonable. I pouted to myself, I had been on a high just five minutes ago and now my day just sucks.

Months went by and Angela was my best friend. I found myself waking up on the 23rd of November, great, my birthday. It wasn’t bad enough that mum had asked me the same question every day of this week but Angela was going to be away too! I didn’t like sitting with the other girls by myself, it’s not that they scared me, but they asked me questions that I definitely didn’t want to answer. Like the one i knew mum would ask before i got down the stairs. Well, might as well get it done with. I got up and changed into my favourite blue hoodie and black jeans. I walked downstairs and smelled pancakes....mmmm. I went and sat at the kitchen table waiting for the horrible question again. But to my utter astonishment, she didn’t ask. I ate my pancakes, watching her carefully, trying to see when she would strike, but she didn’t.

“I know why your staring at me you know,” she said, I was shocked that she knew I was, she continued “and I’m not going to ask you anymore, if you don’t like anyone, then you don’t like anyone,” she smiled an apologetic smile for what she had done.

“I understand mum, your just doing your job,” I smiled at her, she smiled back and then she gave me a jewellery bag. I opened it and inside i found a charm necklace with a picture frame with a picture of me as a baby with mum and dad and one now of the whole family. On the outside in elegant carved script it said Eliza. A tear rolled down my cheek.

“Thanks mum, it’s beautiful. Can you put it on me?”She smiled widely at that.

“Here you go,” She clipped and then kissed me on the cheek and reminded me that the bus would be here in five minutes so I better hurry.

School went faster than normal and so when I got home I started straight on my homework and finished it by seven.
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Post  ♥Kel Bel♥ on Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:56 am

Another couple of months rolled on by without me noticing.

I remember that night very clearly, maybe even too clearly. I was walking home from Angela’s, she lived only a couple of blocks away, when I heard a noise. I thought it might be an evil person so i quickened my pace up, I was only 20 meters away from my house when out of the bush came a goddess, well, that’s what it looked like to me. She held out her hand and said, “Come, little one,” her voice was hypnotising i had to follow it, i followed her into the bushes, which was a big mistake. I didn’t even notice her blood red eyes.

“Now little one, you cant scream, promise you won’t scream,”

“I promise,” I said in a trancelike state.

She put her frozen fingers on my warm olive skin and leant down and bit me. The pain was almost instant, I needed to yell, to scream for someone to stab me, to take away my life, this was pure agony. I was never a person who ever considered suicide until this moment, my limbs were burning, my heart was frantically trying to keep itself beating but i knew it was going to fail.

I didn’t know how long had passed, time never meant anything to me as a human, which i knew i wasn’t now, the goddess whose name was
Elizabeth had told me about vampires and i had believed her, i was now starting to feel the brute strength of me and the blood lust, i needed to suck something dry, to drain it of blood.

It slowly faded from my fingers and my toes but it was like it was transferring that energy to my heart and it started galloping faster than it had before, if that was possible. Elizabeth knew it was near the end and she started to tell me stories about vampires to distract me, it didn’t work. My mind had enough room to listen and feel the agony still ripping through, now directed at my heart, all the way to my elbows the pain had faded now but my heart was burning more and more.

Finally, the pain mustered all it’s strength and went straight for my heart, neither would survive, the fire had burnt everything in my body except for the one organ that stood to the end, to protect me, my heart. It wouldn’t survive either, it was fighting but it was losing severely and then my heart spluttered and stopped.

Neither of us breathed. I opened my eyes. It was like there had been a cover over my eyes for the last thirteen years of my life, i could see everything from dust molecules to the glass roof and through i saw so many stars i had never seen before, it was amazing.

I sat up and looked at Elizabeth, if i had been shocked at how the dust molecules and the stars were i was absolutely astounded at how Elizabeth looked. She had locks of soft, thick peach coloured hair, with tints of red, which a human eye wouldn’t pick up by looking at her.
She was lean and thin, her arms and legs long and slender. She smiled tentively at me and I wondered why so i quickly smiled back, all this happened in just under half a second.

She asked me if I wanted to hunt, my throat had been burning for those few seconds we were standing there and i answered yes straight away, she smiled.

I asked her “What do we eat? I mean drink?”

She smiled in an evil sort of way “We drink blood of course,”
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I swallowed involuntarily, I had discovered that I didn’t need to breathe it was just nice, “Yes,” I rolled my eyes “But what do we drink from?”

I was sure I didn’t want to hear this, “Human blood,” the way she said it made me feel like she would have put ‘dah’ on the end but then
decided against it and looked at me. She’s done that three times in the last minute, what’s wrong with her.

“What are you waiting for me to do,” I demanded, pouting.

Don’t snap, don’t snap, don’t snap she was chanting to herself.

“Why do you keep saying that?” I asked, truly interested.

“What?!” she asked in a surprised tone.

“Why do you keep chanting ‘Don’t snap, don’t snap, don’t snap’?” I asked.

She looked shocked, taken aback. “I’m not,” she said

“Yes you are,” I argued.

“No Eliza I wasn’t ‘chanting’ anything, I was thinking that...”her voice trailed off.

“What? So like I can read minds?!” I sort of asked and exclaimed at the same time.

“I don’t know, let’s test it, see what I’m thinking now,” When I was human I loved nachos.

“When I was human I loved nachos,” I repeated.

She smiled a wide grin, “It seems we have found your power,”

“My power?” I asked.

“Yes, we bring a special gift of ours into our next life, like compassion or strength or in your case the gift of caring for someone’s thoughts,” she replied.

All I could say was “Wow,”

“I know,” she giggled to herself.

We were near Seattle now, that where we were hunting tonight. I asked her, “What’s your power?”

I honestly don’t know
she thought, I was realizing that the voices in my head and when they talked were two different sounds, her voice sounded musical whereas, I realised with a start, her minds voice sounded like her human voice probably would have been. I wondered if it was opposite with humans, if their ‘voice’ sounded like it would if they were immortal....
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Post  ♥Kel Bel♥ on Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:23 am

We were in the shadowed alleyway, we could smell some humans coming this way.

‘Not shabby for one night’s work’ thought one and through his mind I saw a picture of a girl, beaten down and covered in blood and bruises. I gasped silently, Elizabeth looked at me. She saw the agony and anger in my eyes. I whispered what I had ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ in those monsters eyes, she then looked worse than me. She was going to eat them for dinner, literally, “Wait,” I mouthed to her. She sat back down patiently.

‘Five that’s a record’
he thought and then he flipped through their five victims in his head, the other girl included. I hissed under my breath. I saw they were all young women, barely in their twenties. I whispered the rest to her. She looked more than shocked, she was petrified and absolutely angry.

I whispered to her, “But we kill humans to,”

She replied, “It’s not the same, we kill to survive, they bash and hurt their victims because they want to,” I knew she didn’t want to say ‘kill their victims’ that would be too much for her.

“So, they’re our dinner tonight,” I replied.

“Yes, then you go home,” she said sternly.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I need to help those girls, your new, there will be too much blood for you to handle, but I have been ‘alive’ for 30 years I can handle it,” she said.

“Ok, let’s hunt,” I replied.

We were going to do a dramatic for them. We had brought contacts along, we don’t know why but they would come in handy now. We would walk like younger and older sister’s out to the street where we would look lost and tired and go up to the men and ask us them to direct us to the main street.

We walked into the light and smiled at them. They looked shocked not scared, but shocked.

“Look at the brunette,” whispered one to another, not knowing we could hear them perfectly well, “She’s a beauty,” that gave me sudden hope that I was as beautiful as Elizabeth, I still hadn’t seen myself yet.

The other one replied “The peach haired one is a pearler too,” They smiled at us, we were quick to return it.

‘Seven, our lucky day’ one thought.

‘The prettiest one’s tonight’ another thought

“Excuse me,” Elizabeth called, they were shocked at the voice.

‘Holy shit dude, listen to her vocals, it sounds like it’s coming from an angel!’ I giggled under my breath at that. Elizabeth didn’t dare look at me.
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Post  ♥Kel Bel♥ on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:05 am

this is the end of the last chapter and the start of this one

“Can you please direct me and my sister to the main road?” continued Elizabeth.

“Sure we can,” the man said, to my disappointment his voice sounded the same as it did in my head, so much for that theory.

“Follow us,” the second man said.

We glided behind them, a couple of times the checked to see if we were still there. We knew this was the opposite way to the main road but we didn’t care it would be better in the dark anyway.

I want both’ thought one ‘I know I won’t get both so I want the little sister she’s prettier’

‘All I want to do tonight is bash some pretty girls, bash some pretty girls, bash some pretty girls’ one was singing to himself in his head, that’s absolutely horrible I thought, he dies last. What was I thinking, this wasn’t me, I hated violence and anger, but that’s what was pulsing through me at that moment, I wanted to hurt them, to kill them all.

We finally went around a bend and then the alleyway ended.

Elizabeth looked up, false confusion in her eyes, “I thought you were taking us to the main street?”

They laughed an evil laugh together, “Sweetie,” I shuddered, part of the act, we didn’t feel cold. “We’re not what you think we are,”

Elizabeth looked up with a sly smile on her face “Oh, I know that, you bash women, young women to be precise. Beautiful women, like us.” She smiled.

They all looked shocked, the guy that talked was the calmest of all though he was still very shocked.

“Then why did you follow us if you knew what we’re going to do?”He asked.

“You mean what you’re not going to do,” she replied, “You see we’re not your average girls,”

This was my part, “You see,” I started, they were all shocked to hear my high, clear soprano voice, “We followed you and to be honest what you do is horrible, so we’re here to end your lives,” the way it sounded was if you were just talking about what type of dog you liked. They were firstly shocked and then they started chortling.

“You seriously think you can kill us, little girl,” the leader, I gathered, said.

“Oh yes,” I replied, “You see men me and my ‘sister’ here,” they could hear the quotation marks in my voice “are vampires” I replied simply. They started laughing again.

“So,” the leader was saying in between chuckles “you....are....vampires...What...are....ya...going...to...’drink my blood’” a loud chorus of laughter erupted.

“Yes,” I said “Now do you want it to be painful or fast?” I asked

“As painful as you want,” said the leader, he was smiling he thought I couldn’t hurt him, boy was he wrong.

“Her or me?” I asked. They looked at me like I was crazy.

“You of course,” the leader replied. He looked superior over the others but I could hear their silent chuckles.

“Bring it,” I said through my teeth. He walked up to me like he couldn’t believe I actually had challenged him. “Give me your hand,” I said.

He obeyed. I pinched it. Then through the silence there was a loud crack and maybe half a second later a piercing scream came from the leader, no longer were the men laughing, staring in fear they did what any human would do instinctively, they ran but Elizabeth was already there blocking their path. It was weird she blocked them all, but she was staring at one with sudden interest. I decided I’d leave him for her, I wanted this to be as painful for them, the leader especially. First I broke both his wrists and ankles, then his jaw and that’s when I started drinking. It was so delicious, I drank until he ran dry. I ran to the next victim but I didn’t do theatrics with him, I just drank. There were only two men left the one Elizabeth kept staring at and one other. I nodded to her she went straight for the guys neck and drank quickly, she tossed his lifeless body to the ground but instead of drinking the other man’s blood she starting biting him, I was confused to say the least.

While I watched I remembered when I was changing but I thought around that to the stories she was telling, there was one about someone called Benita...no, Benito who had the idea of creating new born armies, to take over parts of some country I couldn’t remember which one.

“Elizabeth,” I asked wearily. She looked at me. I took a deep breath, not a good idea with a human in the area. “Are you...Are you trying to create a new born army?” I asked.

She laughed a tinkling sound, “No, Eliza. I have a....feeling you could call it, that he will be my partner, that he will complete me, I could not drink his blood,” She smiled and if I could of I would have blushed, I was ashamed to even think that.

“Can we go now?” I asked. “I know I can’t be around my family, but I need to get some belongings,”

“Oh, of course, I forgot you haven’t even gotten any personal possessions, let’s go,” she replied, then she lifted the man and we ran.

I didn’t know I was showing my emotions that much, Elizabeth saw something and then said “I’m sorry the blood is causing you pain,” she said her voice soft.

“That’s not it,” I said, I cringed, “It’s that man is yelling so loudly in his head,” I said

The man kept screaming in his head ‘KILL ME!!!JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!DEATH MUST BE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!’


We were nearly to my old home now, I could see police there. Great my mum had called the police after my disappearance, but wait a second my mum was inside crying, ‘My little girl, my little girl’ she kept chanting in her head.

Outside my dad was talking to the police and in his head he was saying ‘My girl, my girl, I should of paid more attention to her, this is my fault’ I just wanted to go over and hug him but that wouldn’t be a smart idea.

My three sisters were pretty much in sync with their thoughts, ‘She’s such a prat, she’s probably hiding in the backyard, the attention seeking little nerd’ Obviously they didn’t care whether I lived or died.

My brother on the other hand was a different story completely, ‘Why her, why her. I can tell what the others are thinking but she would never run away, she’s the best sister and I just want to hug her...’ I would of cried if I could, my little brother, I had always known he was more fond of me than he was of the others, but not that much fonder.

I jumped through the window and silently moved to my desk where I collected some of my favourite things, some of my favourite books, my favourite DVD’s, some CD’s and a couple of other things, like clothes and shoes and things. My gold and jewelled heart bracelet, my pendant that I had got for my birthday and my silver Claddagh ring, they would fit for eternity now.

I jumped back out the window and raced to my new home where Elizabeth was waiting. She had laid the man on the couch, his name was Jason and was looking at me, she saw the pain in my eyes and she knew it wasn’t from Jason, she ran over to me and gave me a hug, if I could I would be crying I would of been balling my eyes out but all night she stayed with me, my tearless sobs and she rocked me back and forth like a little baby which made me relax little, by little. By the morning I was good.

“Thanks,” I said.

If I knew I would find him I would have never changed you, I’m so sorry Eliza. She thought.

“Yes, but if I wasn’t there you wouldn’t of found him in the first place,” I smiled at her.
She smiled back, Thanks she thought.

A day had passed and we were getting ready to welcome our new family member and I had to ask Elizabeth something, “Elizabeth, will I ever get to go back to school?” I thought I knew the answer before she said it, but I was surprised.

“It depends how good your control is around humans,” she said lost in thought, then she shuddered slightly and turned to me and smiled, “It might be a couple of years or a couple of centuries,” she said. What?! A couple of CENTURIES!!! School was the thing I was best at and I couldn’t go for CENTURIES!!!

She saw my face and smiled, “It might be only a couple of years if you have a positive attitude and only kill as much as you need,” she said. I smiled at that thought.

Well that’s what brought me here, seventeen years later. I better hurry up, I don’t want to be late for my first day of school, my first day of school since I...changed. I had to admit though when I looked in the mirror the day Jason ‘woke up’ I was astonished, I was beautiful, my skin still had the tint of my old olive skin and my curls looked longer and shinier somehow, my body was slender and smooth, hard as rock, but as soft as feathers, if that’s possible. My blue eyes were gone, replaced by a vivid red. But I got used to it and now I was ready for school now, I was starting as a junior and I’d have three years at this school before we moved. I’d sit by myself away from other people’s stares because I knew there would be lots of staring. Elizabeth is pretending to be my sister because our mum and dad died a couple of years ago and her fiancée was Jason, they’d got married already but were pretending because Elizabeth was supposed to be 18 not really a suitable age to be getting married. We had moved here to Hanover, New Hampshire a few weeks ago we had already settled in.
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