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Rules for the Forums

Post  Admin - Kole on Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:03 am

Howdy Everyone ^^

Just a few rules to follow on the forum boards. I'm a fairly leniant person, so the if the rules are bent slightly ONCE ill let it pass (except for extreme cases) so dont misplace my trust.

1. Swearing is a no-no. Obviously Shut-up isnt a swear word despite popular belief but try not to say that to people, it is not a swear word but is still rude.

2. On being rude, try not to. People come here to have a good time (I hope) and discuss Twilight so dont make it a hassle for people.

3. Any images uploaded need to be Family Friendly. Please dont be smart about it. Any obscene images posted will face an IMMEDIATE BANNING.

4. Oh my Lord the cornyness....HAVE FUN!!! Laughing


Admin - Kole
Admin - Kole

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